My Top 50 Films released in the 80's

The title says it all. Note this list is only kind of in order. I would have to rewatch each film to determine a true order.


  • Nice list. Can't really go wrong with any of these.

  • Thanks!

  • I'm surprised I missed this when it was published. This is a good collection of titles.

  • Thanks Travis.

  • Great list. I know what you mean about not putting on movies you haven't seen in so long you don't really remember. I always waffle on some movies that I know I've seen but don't remember very well: usually I don't put them as 'watched' and don't rate them.

    Also- everything is subjective, but man I can't believe you have The Thing all the way down at #26. Blasphemy! :)

  • Yeah as far as The Thing goes I saw it for the first time just last year after hearing how great it is for years and I was kind of disappointed in it. I think it was just a case of seeing it way too late.

  • really Ron, you where disappointed with 'The Thing'?.. I'am curious to know why, if you don't mind of course...

  • I don't mind at all Javier. I think it's mainly due to hype. I saw it so many years after it's release, and read so many positive reviews I was just a little underwhelmed by it. It's good just not great in my opinion.

  • interesting and I perfectly understand where you are coming from, maybe in a re-watch could get better for you in a couple months.
    For example I have it in my top 10 of the 80's list, I thought Kurt Russel was a bad-ass in this.

  • Yeah I'll definitely re-watch it sometime. I had the same issue with The Vanishing to an even greater extent which is why it's not on the list at all.

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