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  • Gods of Egypt

    Gods of Egypt 2016

    ½ Watched 03 Dec, 2016

    Watching this is one of those times you constantly find yourself thinking, "this is a real movie, you guys" and not just some random teenager's short film w/ atrocious CGI you stumbled across on YouTube. At least it was somewhat enjoyably awful but It. Is. Awful.

  • Colonia

    Colonia 2015

    ★★½ Watched 30 Nov, 2016

    Well intentioned, solidly acted, sometimes effectively moody but ultimately kind of hollow and a bit dull.

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  • Blood Work

    Blood Work 2002

    Watched 26 May, 2012

    "No one" is surprised or entertained by this, easily the worst script Eastwood (or any major American filmmaker) has ever directed. Obvious and completely pedestrian on every level, the only twist is that it was written, or at least sole credit received, by Brian Helgeland. Jeff Daniels sure was having a good time picking up a paycheck though.