Ranked: My 1982 Movies

Everybody's talking about 1982 on account of it's the 30th anniversary and a lot of good/popular movies came out that year. I'm having a terrible day and don't feel like doing anything, so I'm going to rank the movies I've seen from the year 1982. Note: I know there are a lot of "essentials" from 1982 I haven't seen yet, like Poltergeist and Star Trek II. When I see them you can bet I'll slot them in here someplace. Second note: This isn't my "24 favorites," it's all of the movies I've seen from 1982, lest you think it's weird that, like, The Incubus or Gandhi are on here at all. And some of these I don't remember that well because it's been so long since I saw them, like Android or Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.


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