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How to Have an Audrey Hepburn Film Festival

Hot August nights are pretty much the ideal time to deep dive into the career of your favourite film stars or filmmakers. In the past, we’ve shown you how to throw your very own Colin Farrell Film Fest, and now we’re switching gears to bring you a guide to the great Ms. Hepburn. Audrey, not Katharine. Not that the fabulous Kate doesn’t deserve her own celebration but that’s a curated list for another day.

Girl Friends | Trailer | by Film Streams

A unique perspective within the coming-of-age genre is presented in Girl Friends, a series that focuses on girls, friends, girlfriends, and girl friends. Three films, all directed by queer women, center to some extent on a romantic storyline, though often the most interesting moments revolve around the interactions between friendship and queerness: crushes on friends, social ostracization, the murky distinction between romantic and platonic feelings, sexual discovery, identity and presentation, allyship, and many forms of intimacy.

70mm - 90s Action

Friends, if you aren't caught up yet on the podcast, last month during July we drifted into the wonderful world of 90s Action movies. Each host picked their own movie and we went from there.

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