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  • Kumbalangi Nights

    Kumbalangi Nights


    Kumbalangi nights is pure bliss and's a beautiful little film..a true winner in almost every aspect, nuanced character study and a warm heartfelt's the kind of movie that creates a world which stays with you after the credits roll out and one genuinely wish that they could spend a little more time in that world..I'm in total awe of fahad's range as an on screen performer, he just beats himself with each passing role..soubin chips in with another mature performance, after sudani from nigeria(last year)..the soothing background score and equally good cinematography ably support in creating this beautiful little world..

  • Peranbu



    Finest in many actually follows a "nature vs us" thesis and how life is a blessing for us, a human being, w.r.t that of a pappa's/ammudhavan's life..I presume this is the most humane transwoman portrayal in Indian cinema..the scene where Anjali, a transwoman character, lowers the car window to feel the cool night breeze on her face ( for the first time), teared me up for some reason.. Overall the movie makes us contemplate on many aspects of life..

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  • Irreversible



    A nauseating masterpiece. I am pretty much sure that I would be dead after entering the void :|

  • Persona



    I felt like that boy shown in the opening sequence of the film, trapped by the overall charm of the movie and struggling to figure out the plotline of this brilliant experiment. Hmm, needs to rewatch asap.