Constantine ★★★★


"I know you've never had much faith, you've never had much reason to. But, that doesn't mean that we don't have faith... in you."

Supernatural awe for the dazzling fantasies comic book films can achieve. Similar to a celestial battle for souls and the several cynical viewpoints of religious life it miraculously contemplates, Constantine intercuts between composite ideology and individual events as what one would consider to be right or wrong. More importantly, the actions we take for what we see things to be when other figures are forever observing, even when looking back at ourselves. Plenty of broad, exceptional imagery to dive into within Francis Lawrence's own immersive observations and respectful explorations. Devout mysticism. Reverse alterations. Invading worlds. Ticks and ticks until Keanu Reeves becomes so cleverly inventive that he may even send you to Hell. And he flips off Lucifer!

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