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  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    good for something that came out in recent times! no gore, legitimately creepy atmosphere, story was just ok but its rare for a family to end up relatively unscathed after a haunting-slash-exorcism so that was a breath of fresh air HEHE

  • The Orphanage

    The Orphanage


    although it's just some ghost story, all in all this film is more than the boring tried-and-tested formula typical of horror movies. the orphanage (2007) doesn't rely on jumpscares and instead puts u in a general state of unease for the whole duration.
    this also has some compelling drama, solid ambiance, and rlly nice visuals!! Good stuff hehe

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  • I'm Drunk, I Love You

    I'm Drunk, I Love You


    i never expect much from filipino films but this was pretty good!!!! this was such a pretty film and i liked the characters and the night roadtrip walwal aesthetic HAHA and the SOUNDTRACK 💕

    ahhh i also liked how this one ended. i thought it was gonna be a cheesy romance movie but noo
    also this is fun to watch with friends 10/10 would recommend bringing the squad

  • The Bling Ring

    The Bling Ring


    there are so many layers to this movie i'm so shookt!!! sometime i cant decide if i loved it or disliked it, all i know is sofia coppola is an amazing director and i love her!! but also the way emma watson says "i wANNa rob" defines this whole movie

    interesting n fun watch, would recommend