Ritual ★★★★★

beyond the 33rd day — unknown 

it’s just brutal what we are made to live with. it’s just brutal that once we are introduced to madness, it’s stuck with us forever. recovery is possible, change is more than possible, but the traces of mental illness will be always inside us, no matter how happy we become and no matter how blessed we are. it’s cruel, it has no mercy, meddles with our mind and soul, alters our perspective of any connection in life. 

no matter, i hope you all become people having clear communications, having no problems with being vulnerable to another soul, having someone to lay your head on. since, of course, when you are ready to receive love and understanding and when another soul is ready to listen to you and accept you, that’s by far the most blessed the world can possibly make you feel.

let’s stick around and stay alive.

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