Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees

Wax, or The Discovery of Television Among the Bees ★★★★★

this really needed a rewatch but i was procrastinating on it. something interesting to think about are "barriers to creation," for instance, a movie is almost always going to cost thousands of dollars to make. it takes a lot of resources for there to even be the possibility of making a movie, and there's considerable risk involved. not only this, but no one person has total artistic control over the final product. in order to make a feature length movie, an individual artistic vision has to be sacrificed to some extent, and a lot of money must be advanced. in other words, not everyone can or wants to do it. in heavy contrast, you really only need a strong enough will to write a book or poetry, and most literature is representative of the author's vision alone (this is arguable but you can see how it's much harder to say this about film). david blair somehow shrugged off these barriers and made something completeley his own. he wrote it himself, filmed it on shitty cameras, and pieced it together on experimental editing software. he made a feature length film (and a genius one at that) by puttering around with footage on sunday afternoons. there's no other movie with quite the same process, and there's no other movie with quite the same idiosyncracy or univocity. it's worth your time because david blair is the only person who can say this is his movie.

there's a lot to be said about the non-technical side of this movie but i would have to watch for a third time before commenting.

edit: i'm super suspicious of any art that has such a hyped up story attached to it because it can often excuse glaring flaws (i'm thinking of things like basinski's disintegration loops or dfw's final book). if you're like me, you have good reason to be suspicious of wax, but don't be. good movie. however, you should definitely ask yourself whether or not you think it benefited from being a single individual's work, i think you'll find some interesting answers.

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