There is a strange feeling that the movies are abnormal day by day, I understand this feeling(Christopher Nolan)

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  • Wild



    .This movie will make you think after the end.
    Undoubtedly, we do not see an adventure story in the film.
    This movie is more of a beautiful biography.
    A woman's nonsensical life after the death of her mother.
    And his inexperienced life in the wild.
    With strange and unreliable humans.
    Not many movie tips.
    We can only mention a part of the film that is constantly going to the past and the present.
    And a little boring and bitter.

  • My Way

    My Way


    .The film had some very interesting scenes.
    These fascinating scenes make you sit for hours and enjoy watching it.
    Interesting points about the movie.
    The costume design was great.
    The stage design and special effects were extremely attractive.
    The storyline of the film was unparalleled.

    فیلم به شدت صحنه های جذابی داشت.
    همین صحنه های جذاب باعث میشود که شما ساعت ها بنشینید و از تماشای آن لذت ببرید.
    نکات جالب توجه در مورد فیلم.
    طراحی لباس عالی بود.
    طراحی صحنه و جلوه های ویژه به شدت جذاب بود.
    خط داستانی فیلم بی نظیر بود

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  • Tenet



    Again, we saw a film full of excitement and stress made by Christoph Nolan.
    The film does not have much complexity up to the middle parts.
    But we see important points about the film and its subject that are given to us by Nolan.
    Up to the middle of the course.
    After the middle part, there is a terrible complexity that you have to understand by looking at it a few times and paying attention.
    Of course, this film is…

  • The Conjuring

    The Conjuring


    The film has a very valuable story and is professionally worked.
    Although it can be considered a sequel to past films, but the charm of the story is extremely beautiful.😁
    It is worth seeing a few times. Of course, if you dared to do this, I personally could only watch it once, but if I was still looking for excitement.😎
    I will go to the collection of exorcists.
    The film has the least special effects.
    We see attractive, beautiful and…