Il Sorpasso ★★★★

First film of the new year. Perfect mix of ideas, and approaches to life, both literally and metaphorically. I never knew just how appropriate this new year's film choice was, how it leaves you thinking about all that has happened, and the meaning of everything. How do you want to live your life? What kind of life do you want? How do you want to impact those around you and what kind of legacy or memory do you want to leave behind? These are age-old questions that are as relevant and important today as they ever have been. Certainly something all of us consider at the start of a new year.

Not sure that I felt it was as much a comedy as it was pegged to be but that could be because it was made for a 60s Italian audience. Also, the main character, while possessing an unstoppable energy and joie de vivre, was pretty appalling, rude, and downright gross in his overt womanizing and aggressive manliness.

But there were moments in particular that I enjoyed immensely which included:

*the swinging, fun 60s music
*all the dancing!
*the scene with the girl in a bikini on a crowded beach dancing slowly on her own with a leg cast that nearly reaches up to her hip
*the vinyl record player in the Sports car (what?!! That existed??)
*the Italian twist song called "Guarda Come Dondolo"
*the fast, driving pace of the film in all senses
*did I mention all the dancing?

Too bad that car horn was so annoying throughout the film though.