Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★½

borat: if 2020 was a movie

borat subsequent moviefilm left me just as amazed as i was after watching the first film, if not more. the screenplay is just as funny, imaginative and entertaining, and the two lead performances were perfectly synchronized with the overall tone of the film. 
as opposed to the first movie, this one obviously feels a lot more relevant right now; and having been stuck in an uncertainty caused by the pandemic for most of 2020, this film feels like a much needed distraction (until you remember that most of what happens in the film actually happened). 
borat subsequent moviefilm masterfully takes current events and turns them into comedy without losing sight of the sometimes unfortunate reality and truth that lies within them, be it at a conference, at a pro-gun rally or during an interview that left be gawking at my screen. likewise, this movie doesn’t hesitate to interweave social commentary into its narrative and script; as the story goes on, the film touches on abortion, racism and conspiracy theories, to name a few. 
unfortunately, some of the comedy fell flat for me, especially around the 30-minute mark, where the movie also lost some of its pace or rather shifts its focus to developing the story. while i laughed my guts out during the first ten minutes, i couldn’t help but feel a little skeptical about the introduction of borat’s daughter. since she’s crucial to the story, i can’t say i didn’t like her, but when the film, like i mentioned, starts developing her story, it sacrifices some of its previous momentum and wittiness, at least that’s what it felt like to me. 
the third act, however, is the strongest in my opinion. not only does the seemingly undemanding comedy truly transform into something more thought-provoking, but the last thirty minutes also happen to be the coalescence of multiple unbelievable, real stunts that amused me at first, but then shocked me because they once again showed how twisted and sick some things can be. 
all in all, while focusing more on evolving a narrative, borat subsequent moviefilm manages through dumbfounding stunts to capture the mess that happens to be 2020 in a comical, yet provocative way. let’s see if this will age as well as the first one

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