Tenet ★★★★★

i feel like tenet is one of those films that get better every time you watch it. after reading alex's review, i decided to solely focus on what i enjoy and like about this movie, and not why some who’s reviews i enjoy most and who’s opinions i gravitate towards the most gave this low ratings. and lo and behold, i absolutely LOVED every second of it.
the sound mixing was still a bit off at some points, branagh’s performance was still disappointing and i still didn’t cry, but i figured that maybe the underwhelming emotional impact isn’t a flaw or a reason not to like this as much. sure, it would’ve been nice to know what drives these characters emotionally, but perhaps it just isn’t what this film is aiming at. while the lack of an emotional connection is a departure from nolan’s other work, there is not a single film that is so intricately crafted that it has made me think about it for days. not a single film has managed to keep my brain going through its entire runtime and for hours and now days after i’ve seen it, and, most importantly, leave me with this HUGE urge to rewatch it. 
some might call it “nolan’s poorest work” or just straight up “lazy”, and while i understand where these people are coming from, i think this film is unbelievably fascinating. nolan has managed to create a movie that isn’t complete until you’ve rewatched it, and even beyond one rewatch, there are so many carefully crafted details, half of which you’re almost designated to miss until you pay close attention to them. and every time i discovered such a detail, one thing clicked into place, but at the same time, just when i thought i was done thinking, my brain started dissecting what just happened and i had about 1000 new questions. 
i’m also starting to really love the soundtrack. i feel like the initial problem i (and i guess some others) had with it was the comparison to zimmer. it’s almost like i automatically asked myself “what would zimmer have done with this” after hearing a bit of the score that i didn’t like as much, and automatically assumed that zimmer would’ve done something “better”, whatever that means. even though zimmer’s soundtracks are undoubtedly unmatched, göransson’s score works perfectly with the tone and atmosphere of this film. so many of the action sequences become almost immediately perfect scenes with the pulsating bass and fast rhythms, and he beautifully reflected the tension and intensity of those scenes in the score. 
of course this movie has its flaws, but after three watches, the amount of these flaws doesn’t even compare to half of the amount of fascination and admiration i have for this film and the masterful execution of its concept (and the CONCEPT ITSELF). 

(and completely forgot to mention this yesterday, but while i was outside the movie theater waiting for my friend i saw a girl who was WALKING BACKWARDS. can you imagine what my brain did in that moment-)

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