Tenet ★★★★★

i weirdly enjoyed this a lot more today than yesterday (even though it’s literally my fifth day in a row). this was probably the last watch for now, at this rate i’ll fail my exams and be broke in two weeks. 
i think i mentioned most of what’s to say for me about this film in my previous reviews, but let me just say one (or a couple more) things: once again, i was in complete awe. i absolutely love this film. normally, action movies aren’t really my thing, but something about tenet just seems to hit different. maybe it’s because of my anticipation for this, maybe it’s because i just like nolan, or maybe it’s because i saw this in a theater with amazing sound and visuals. nolan’s expertise and ambition, göransson’s exceptional soundtrack and
van hoytema’s unbelievable cinematography made this one of the most epic movies i’ve ever seen. there are truly no other words for it other than epic and unparalleled. 
nolan has managed to make a movie that is not only unprecedentedly entertaining for the eyes, but also uniquely challenging and intriguing for the mind. this film is one of its kind, and while i completely understand why some might not like it, i can confidently say that, despite its flaws, there are few movies i love this much. 

(and of COURSE they didn’t show the dune teaser...glad i didn’t get my hopes up huh. watched this with a friend who hasn’t seen this before, and i think she hated it because she didn’t get anything dhajhajah i actually feel kinda bad for some reason)

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