The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

A mini-review because I‘m spending tons of time with my family right now and I’m watching Soul later! Watched this because Ethan’s podcast episode on The Grand Budapest Hotel filled me with a huge urge to see this again, and a rewatch was long overdue anyway. Even though this technically isn’t a Christmas movie, its warmth and vibrancy make it feel like one.

Dazzling, magical and visually stunning, The Grand Budapest Hotel is an enticing ride from start to finish, and—in my view—impeccable in every possible way. As corny as it may sound, this movie perfectly encapsulates what filmmaking means to me: different people (and subsequently departments) coming together to create an experience that’s one of its kind, and, in the end, art. The production design, the costume design, the cinematography, the editing, the soundtrack, the writing, the blocking, the performances and the directing are each flawless on their own, but together, they create a truly incomparable and unique experience, for lack of a better word. From the perfectly coordinated color schemes to the practically entrancing soundtrack, this film is an invitation to get lost in its both wondrous and quirky world, leaving me not only completely in awe of its pure magic and energy, but also of the practically bewitching effect it had on me.

There’s so much more to dissect and to discuss, and although I could probably go on and on about this movie (IN ONE SCENE EVEN THE DOG’S FUR MATCHES THE COLORS??), I’m going to cut this short by saying that rewatching The Grand Budapest Hotel was probably the best decision I made this week. Looking forward to watching Soul

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