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  • The Star Chamber

    The Star Chamber


    Michael Douglas in his element as the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water. Interesting, intense, yet lacking the depth to excuse its overly reliance on cartoonish characters. 10/10 for Yaphet Kotto .

  • And Soon the Darkness

    And Soon the Darkness


    Tense, and surprisingly multilayered, And Soon the Darkness keeps you guessing until the very end and long after. Thanks to the claustrophobic storytelling and my rusty school-french I only half-understood half of the sparse dialogue, which really added to the constant guessing and doubting any character's motivation.

    Wonderful proof that to make a great movie, you don't need a lot.


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  • Alucarda



    Ken Russell directs Heavenly Creatures with set design by Peter Greenaway and nuns provided by Coil. An 8/10.

  • Windows



    "I had been appalled and fascinated by the statistics coming out of South Africa - political prisoners pushed out of windows, with fatuous excuses like they slipped on a bar of soap, they thought it was the door, etc. I built that into a fiction, trying to find all the possible reasons why anybody might fall out of a window, and compressed it into 3 1/2 minutes and set these appalling facts up against a very idyllic landscape in order…