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    "I saw it in the romantic comedy American Beauty"

    Wtf is this? 2018 has produced 2 mainstream comedies I not only didn't hate, I actually really liked. This is a winner for a number of reasons beyond the gags, although there are some great ones and it rarely runs into the cliche and obvious. One of those reasons is putting Lesley Mann front and center as a comedic lead with a well written part, rather than the attractive, quirky but…

  • Monster Hunt 2

    Monster Hunt 2


    Monster Hunt 2 continues the (weird) tale of lazily animated and designed Wu Ba, the little octopus-blob monster who everyone keeps telling us will inexplicably link the monster and human world. Adding a rakish Tony Leung-Chieu Wei is a great idea but it comes at a heavy cost for the original protagonists, Bai Baihe and Boran Jing, who's gender role reversed chemistry was a highlight of the first film. The rough edges are sanded off here and a more convincingly…

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    I wish I had a GoPro on my face while watching this. I actually started hyperventilating at one point from the truly awesome spectacle on screen. It is a better sequel than anyone could have believed possible. Its almost as if George Miller has done nothing but think about this movie since Road Warrior. It loses half a star for Tom Hardy's strange performance and because we never get Max driving *The Interceptor* in an action set piece. Otherwise divinely…

  • All Is Lost

    All Is Lost


    Upon seeing the poster for this film, I understood exactly what it was, what it would be, and how I would feel about it.
    Although I'm not a big fan of the single actor on a soundstage sub genre (Phone booth, Buried, Locke) there was something too right about it being Robert Redford battling the elements in deeply thematic and allegorical waters (see what I did there?).
    It didn't disappoint.