The French Dispatch

The French Dispatch ★★★★

Like any other grouping of short films by any other idiosyncratic director (see also: Jim Jarmusch) this will frustrate some while delighting others. I enjoyed its cutesy homage to french new wave, the love of art, youth and rebellion and its standing ovation to journalism. I don't expect to rush in rewatching it but I found it warmly provocative and a lovely film to ring in the new year with.

It did seem disappointing that certain cast members (Schwartzman, Moss, Dafoe) were there for the drop of the "CHECK OUT THIS STACKED CAST MUTHAFUCKAZ!" trailer but not featured in the film. Whether their input is on the cutting room floor or that they just came to hang out on set for a day is probably irrelevant as although it's frustrating not to see them get to put their character to work, the length and coverage of the film is just right.

I've seen people rating the segments individually but I'd rather remember the feelings it evoked and the rounded probing of themes both timeless and immediate.

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