Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★½

The first ten minutes was barely tolerable with an unending stream of unfunny banter. The most homophobic, misogynistic material this side of 80's Shane Black but without his keen edge. Holt McCallany is unnervingly like a videogame tutorial NPC; so much so that I had to double check the wife wasn't scowling at me so I'd know I wasn't playing a video game.

Once it finds it rhythm though, hard hitting action sequences combine with a high intensity thriller? (ascending questioning tone). It's good to see Guy Ritchie attempt something different and the grim, dour tone this hits is matched by the crunchiness of the violence that punctuates it. It's also a great score keeping you on edge the whole ride.

I'm left baffled by what Jason Statham actually did before the events of the film and who the hell his crew and especially Andy Garcia are? Weird side plot that didn't make a lot of sense whatever the angle and even more than most avenging angel type movies, it's clear that the motivation in no way justifies the mass murder carried out by the protagonist. All said, it's a fun, dark and satisfying ride.

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