Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★

A fully committed teen melodrama with overtones of science fiction and fantasy that's impossible not to get swept away with.

Taki and Mitsuha are two misfit teenagers who have been dreaming of each other. More accurately they've been inhabiting each others bodies while in a dream, living the life of the other in their stead. This proves for some awkward encounters and even improvements in some areas as the each navigate the difficulties of each others lives while learning more about each other and developing deep and genuine feelings along the way. When it comes to an abrupt stop, Taki realises something is wrong and begins to uncover the mystery of their spiritual bond.

Your Name. is filled with lush animation and beautiful relationship drama between these loveable characters. While watching I posed myself the question why are most anime about teenagers- outside of just the obvious demographic answer. I answered it immediately with the hormonal emotion. Nothing matters as much as when you're a teenager, nothing is felt so deeply and no relationship feels so intensely life defining as when you're that age. Director Makoto Shinkai taps deeply into that, making us feel like a teenager and convincing us of the urgency in the drama he contrives.

A beautiful romance that is genuinely suitable for all ages, as lightly innocent and seductive as a dream, as painful as parting with someone you only knew in your mind.

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