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  • My Young Auntie

    My Young Auntie


    A fun, if slightly forgettable later-stage Shaw offering that is essentially a rip off of Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday (with an actual name check). Thankfully the last act gets much more involved in the more traditional wuxia business of traps and punching. Sure, a lot of the jokes don’t land but it’s a lovely space to see Kara Hui/Wai do her thing. It’s also interesting to see a Shaw Martial arts film set in a relatively modern era (the 50’s‽).

  • Spenser Confidential

    Spenser Confidential


    Predictable and peppered with disappointing action sequences that all seem to be missing their wide angles this film still has a strong enough cast to engage as they do well with some pretty poor dialogue.  It’s no Big Hit but Woodbine and Wahlberg are good together and Arkin is always phenomenal.

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  • In Fabric

    In Fabric


    Like a ‘70s, psycho-sexual fever dream. Possibly Strickland’s best.

  • Possessor



    Just wow.