Spenser Confidential ★½

Mark Wahlberg looks like what you’d get if John Cena shrunk in the wash. this film is plain and dull and clearly made for a specific type of white man who doesn’t pay attention to his wife which i can only assume is the category into which Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg both fall but unfortunately for them I do not fit in this category and so did not care for this in the slightest. I mean Winston Duke is very likeable but I’d rather be watching him play M’Baku in any mcu content than this. netflix obviously just think that if they put a few nice drone cityscape shots in every few minutes you’ll forget that the rest of the film sucks and keep watching it 

2020 ranked: https://boxd.it/7qDpA

and also the spelling of ‘Spenser’ instead of ‘
‘Spencer’ really annoys me why did one day one of the colonisers who’d moved from britain to take over america just decide that he didn’t like the way the british people were spelling words and they should be simplified because americans are clearly a simpler people

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