Scream ★★★★★

a masterpiece. a literal masterpiece. if there’s one thing Wes Craven has unprecedentedly mastered, it’s the ability of fusing the genres of horror and coming of age together; and while doing so, creating some of the most iconic slasher films that have shaped the genre since 1984. Scream has one of the most entertaining plots that i’ve ever watched unravel. not only in the genre of horror, but in all of film period. the opening scene is just brilliant and sets the rest of the film up perfectly. your eyes are fused to the screen from the very beginning until the end. Kevin Williamson creates some of the most iconic horror movie characters through his great writing, excellently adding elements of comedy to the film’s screenplay. i thought that the sort of ‘making fun’ of the basic formula for horrors throughout, while simultaneously adhering to said formula was just excellent and so innovative. not only did this comedic factor supply great amounts of substance to the film’s plot, but also so much fun. this film is just so much fun! i really look forward to watching the rest of the series.

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