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  • The Wild Boys

    The Wild Boys


    Well, that's the subject of tonight's nightmare nicely wrapped up....
    Bonkers avant-gardeness a-plenty and don't ask me to explain it, but I just let this wash over me, just went with it and in the end,I think I rather enjoyed it. It's certainly too long, but there is still much to admire.

  • Oldboy



    Much is made of its visual flair, darkest humour and exquisitely choreographed violence. But for me, it works because of its beautifully-drawn central characters which make its final revelations even more gut-wrenching. Despite this, its ending is still one in which I find some tenderness and even a little hope.

    In my view, if there has been a better film made this century, I haven’t seen it.

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  • BlacKkKlansman



    As angry, bludgeoning, preachy and in-your-face as they come. No pussyfooting around here and rightly so. The absurdity of the situation and the KKK characters is beautifully shown, it gets the balance of humour and horror just right. The cast are perfect and I loved the music too, but the real star here is Spike Lee. Probably his best since Do The Right Thing.
    Its powerful and somewhat dispiriting epilogue frames the whole film in a new light, and is what tips it into five-star territory.

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    A friend once described Mulholland Drive as “the best film I didn’t understand”. Finally, with Inherent Vice, there is a film I can give the same accolade to.
    I think I enjoyed it though, it's definitely one I'll want to watch again some time. Just don't ask me to explain the plot - because I can't!
    It's clearly not for everyone either. I counted 8 walkouts at my screening, all before the halfway point.