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  • The Well-Groomed Bride

    The Well-Groomed Bride


    If you even remotely like Olivia de Havilland and Ray Milland then this is a breezy good time.

  • Beau James

    Beau James


    "Why would I want to be President of the United States when I can be Mayor of New York."

    The dialogue in this film is top notch. If you like Aaron Sorkin wit, this is soaking in it. Unfortunately Bob Hope can't pull off the lead. I like Hope and he's well cast as a politician elected from a background of song and dance, but he's not believable in the dramatic moments - which are never B-I-G moments but there are enough of them - and he can't help delivering the sharp dialogue like a stand up punchline.

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  • Boyhood



    Linklater puts all this time and effort, getting others to commit to his ambition. I feel bad that the final results get little more than a shrug from me. It's not the loose plot. Linklater's one of my favorite directors for capturing the immediate moment and not worrying about connecting the dots. He builds whole films around conversations and observations, of which there is plenty in Boyhood. My problem is that as Mason grows up, he becomes less interesting.


  • Mommy



    "Daddy dug the grave, sonny keeps digging!"

    I feel I need to focus on telling you why you should see Mommy, but I'm not interested in persuading you when it would be so much more interesting to discuss what filmmaker Xavier Dolan is doing with this film. Take for example the aspect ratio, which is described as a perfect 1:1 box, though I found it to be taller than it is wide. Either way, it keeps a tight claustrophobic grip…