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  • The Grand Bizarre

    The Grand Bizarre


    White trash. Fuck you, Jodie Mack.

  • Tokyo Twilight

    Tokyo Twilight


    “I only have mother’s foul blood in my veins.”

    Ozu misses the tender heartstrings and mercilessly goes straight for the jugular. A film about life’s cruelties and the webs we weave in desperation. Sometimes it feels like a vehicle for Ineko Arima’s stunning, transformative performance. Very special mention to Ozu’s longtime cinematograher Yûharu Atsuta. While it’s really no surprise he’d turn in groundbreaking, innovative work, his faded gray color palette envelopes the alleys, side-streets, signage and industrial growth of the…

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  • Pulse



    The defining cinematic statement on incurable loneliness, technological escapism and urban malaise at the dawn of social media. You're never alone with a dial-up connection, right? Pulse will make you believe in ghosts.

  • New Rose Hotel

    New Rose Hotel


    Like floating on the moon if it were a corporate technopolis. Zero-gravity. Alive in the sea of information.