Stalker ★★★★

What is amazing about Stalker, as with Solaris, is how Tarkovsky manages to make his films so compelling, even with as long and static as they tend to be. I was always infatuated with the images on the screen, and more entertained than I had any reasonable expectation to be. I appreciate the ways that it subverted expectations, and, while it wasn't as powerful or as moving as Solaris for me, it was an undeniably haunting, enchanting experience. The ideas it deals with are interesting and compelling in terms of the way it dissects faith and reason in the modern world, but I guess if I were to fault it for anything, it's that it spends very little time actually dealing with these ideas, and much more time following the characters through the rugged landscape. Then again, its ultimate minimalism when contrasted with its epic runtime is also one of the things I really liked about the film, so I'm not sure if that's even a fault. The fact is that I'll need a lot more time and a rewatch to really give an intelligent review of this film, but, for now, while not as mind-blowing as Solaris, it's still pretty damn mind-blowing.

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