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  • White House Down

    White House Down


    Less an original film than remix of a lot of actioners that have gone before it. Beyond the Die Hard in the White House concept, the script lifts elements of The Rock and Air Force One, and echoes many other movies. That said, there are worse things than jamming together ideas from a bunch of great movies.

    While it's typically dumb and, by the end, as (literally) flag waving as any Michael Bay movie, the action is generally coherent, the…

  • Evolution



    10 years was a long wait for a new film from Lucile Hadzihaliliovic, but Evolution is well worth the wait. I see it as part of a diptych with Innocence, perhaps the flipside of that film.

    This is a beautiful nightmare, soaked in influences - Cronenberg, Del Toro, Zulawski and more - and yet utterly its own thing and a recognisably auteruist work. It's my film of the year so far, by a mile.

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  • Battleship



    Battleshit. That's an abysmal joke, I'm sorry, but this flag waving fuckpile of a movie deserves no more creativity than that. Obnoxiously badly written, shot and acted, I'd like to assume it will be the worst film of 2012, but summer's just begun.

  • American Pie

    American Pie


    Holds up pretty well. The characters develop more than in most teen movies and there's heart behind the raunch and gross out gags.