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  • Close Range

    Close Range


    Scott Adkins and director Isaac Florentine don't trade in high art, but their films always deliver excellent action scenes, and sometimes those simple pleasures are more than enough.

  • Carnage Park

    Carnage Park


    You can tick off the influences as this mutates from heist movie to survival horror to something closer to a slasher, but Mickey Keating is a distinctive filmmaker, particularly in his use of sound. He also gets an effectively primal performance from Ashley Bell

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  • Battleship



    Battleshit. That's an abysmal joke, I'm sorry, but this flag waving fuckpile of a movie deserves no more creativity than that. Obnoxiously badly written, shot and acted, I'd like to assume it will be the worst film of 2012, but summer's just begun.

  • Ginger & Rosa

    Ginger & Rosa


    Sally Potter’s latest is the very definition of a mixed bag. There are some really good things here, but unfortunately they are wrapped in a film that is terribly inconsistent, full of baffling decisions and things that feel unfinished.

    Ginger (Elle Fanning) and Rosa (Alice Englert) are two girls of sixteen, born on the same day in 1945 and best friends all their lives. In 1962, however, they begin to drift apart as Rosa becomes interested in boys, while Ginger’s…