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  • The Millionaires' Express

    The Millionaires' Express


    [Hybrid Cut]
    A new version combining unique footage from all the extant versions of Sammo Hung's massive, all star, western. Maybe a little padded in the first half.

    Sammo was never the greatest storyteller, and the many strands get a little tangled, but the comedy here translates better than usual, with Sammo using the same camera and editing skill he deploys in action to do some great farce. The scene with Richard Ng as a cheating husband improvising a story…

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  • See the Sea

    See the Sea


    Regarde La Mer [See The Sea] exists in a strange place between short film and feature. At 51 minutes it is really neither one nor the other. Ozon's final short before embarking on Sitcom, his first feature, See The Sea is a supremely assured piece of work from a young director finding his voice.

    Hails plays a young English woman living by the sea in France with her baby daughter, her French husband away on business. One day a backpacker…

  • Battleship


    Battleshit. That's an abysmal joke, I'm sorry, but this flag waving fuckpile of a movie deserves no more creativity than that. Obnoxiously badly written, shot and acted, I'd like to assume it will be the worst film of 2012, but summer's just begun.