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  • Police Academy: Mission to Moscow

    Police Academy: Mission to Moscow


  • Police Academy 6: City Under Siege

    Police Academy 6: City Under Siege


  • Evolution



    10 years ago I saw Lucile Hadzihalilovic's first film, Innocence. I loved it, and have continued to be beguiled and baffled by it in equal measure in the decade of creative silence that has passed between it and this, her long overdue second film.

    Evolution is an apt title for this film in more ways than one. While she hasn't made films of her own during the gap between Innocence and this film, it describes what has happened to Hadzihalilovic's…

  • Alien



    I never liked Alien. Yes, I understand saying that is essentially like handing in my critical credentials and saying 'turns out I wasn't worthy'. I've said previously that I found the film slow, and when watching it I had found myself wishing there had been a Roger Corman - apparently something that very nearly happened - to tell Ridley Scott to cut to the chase and show us the uber-cool monster. I still understand why I had that response.


  • The Gentlemen

    The Gentlemen


    Guy Ritchie goes back to the well and finds it dry. Tediously sweary, casually racist, mockney gangster bollocks.

  • American Woman

    American Woman


    I had thought this would be a simple story about a woman searching for her missing daughter, and in some ways it is, but what it becomes is a film about enduring loss and the process of living every day with it in the background. I've often been impressed by Sienna Miller, but this is by far her best role and performance to date, she wrung tears from me several times with her subtly emotional work. Her performance is outstanding,…

  • Water Lilies

    Water Lilies


    My first time seeing Celine Sciamma's first film projected since it came out in the UK in 2008. This time I found myself thinking mostly about how visually expressive Sciamma's cinema is. You could remove almost all of its already minimal dialogue and the story would still be as effectively and affectingly told. Adele Haenel and Pauline Acquart give performances that deliver multi-layered moments with just a glance. Haenel has gone on to great things, but it's a real pity that none of Acquart's few other films ever saw a UK release, she's arguably the standout here.

  • Creed II

    Creed II


    After seemingly reaching a logical finishing point with Rocky Balboa, Sylvester Stallone’s most enduring and most personal franchise rebooted with Creed, following Adonis (Michael B. Jordan), son of Apollo Creed, as he trained with Rocky for his own title fight. This sequel picks up Adonis’ story with him as the heavyweight champion and newly engaged to Bianca (Tessa Thompson). It’s at this point that Donnie’s past, and Rocky’s, catches up with them in the form of Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren),…

  • The Shack

    The Shack


  • Cowboys and Angels

    Cowboys and Angels


  • Close Range

    Close Range


    Scott Adkins and director Isaac Florentine don't trade in high art, but their films always deliver excellent action scenes, and sometimes those simple pleasures are more than enough.

  • Carnage Park

    Carnage Park


    You can tick off the influences as this mutates from heist movie to survival horror to something closer to a slasher, but Mickey Keating is a distinctive filmmaker, particularly in his use of sound. He also gets an effectively primal performance from Ashley Bell