Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

The .5 is for making me laugh multiple times, esp. the awkward teacher and the dramatic Nick Fury scene being interrupted by knocks lol. Fucking hilarious news show beginning.

I started to feel the alleged ‘superhero movie fatigue’ start to creep in while watching one of the fight scenes and wondering why peter was being so shitty now but somehow kicked multiple magical/alien superhero ass in the past...

This was in some ways better and in some worse than the first - funnier, bigger, but too many character side stories and some scenes went on a lil too long and the movie was kinda boring. Parker was never one of my favorites so I wasn’t as involved in this movie as others

Ned seems to be more of a plot device than a best friend in this movie :/

Weak villain, Mysterio was sus from the beginning, too nice, automatically didn’t trust him. His villain explanation kinda weird and long and annoying??? And tbh the blonde girl has more personality than Mysterio. However, I loved the idea of a villain that isn’t real, like Zemo.

Too much damn Tony everywhere. Like I love the guy but it’s a bit obvious. Even dead this movie feels like Tony ft. Peter.

MJ character is just not likeable or endearing to me. And I get they’re awkward but Peter and MJ’s awkwardness is toooooooo much sometimes.

This movie had a good all is lost sequence, for once I believed the superhero hit rock bottom.

LOVED the callback to tony with the hand holograph and the AC/DC music, super nerd moment.

Mysterio will 100% be back and I’m excited.

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