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  • Hold That Ghost

    Hold That Ghost


    Nature of Shame:

    No Hold That Ghost Shame! Sharing with my girls.

    Hooptober Challenge Checklist:

    Decade: 1940's

    My 6yo ran through the Abbott and Costello Meet... movies and when she wanted to watch another from A&C I knew I had one more up my sleeve to satisfy some of those Hooptober requirements.

    Hold that Ghost had her doing Lou Costello impressions for at least another week. I take great pride when she assaults adults with her cries of "OH,…

  • The Dark

    The Dark


    Nature of The Dark Shame:

    Unopened The Dark Blu-ray that I ordered for some really good reason I'm sure.

    Hooptober Challenge Checklist:

    Decade: 1970's
    Tobe Hooper directed (co-directed)

    At certain points during any carefully curated movie marathon, one grows tired of watching quality movies. You might even need to crack open something that's sure to disappoint.

    And yet... and yet...

    If your expectations are set for disappointment, you can't be disappointed by subpar moviewatching. You could possibly be whelmed or…

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  • The Fly

    The Fly


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    33 Horror Movies. 33 Reviews. Hooptober Challenges.
    View my 2016 Cinema Shame/Hoop-Tober Watch Pile Shame-a-thon Statement here.

    Nature of Shame:
    Never seen THE FLY (1986). CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Jeff Goldblum. Cronenberg. Oozy goo. THE FLY!

    Hoop-tober Challenge Checklist:
    Decade - 1980's
    Original and Remake

    The Advance Word: OMFG LIKE THE BEST F'ING MOVIE EVER. I'm substituting hyperbole for an honest appraisal of my expectations here. I do so because I scanned the @Letterboxd reviews and that's pretty much what…

  • Beach Blanket Bingo

    Beach Blanket Bingo


    I had fun, but at what cost to my worldview?