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  • The Big Fix

    The Big Fix


    Ambling, organic-feeling detective tale starring Richard Dreyfuss as Moses Wine, a recovered 1960’s activist turned jaded private eye who’s trying to track down the author of a doctored, politically motivated flier. Deceptively small stakes turn into a big stakes as Moses digs deeper and uncovers more disgusting political underbelly.

    A great cast (Bonnie Bedelia, John Lithgow, F. Murray Abraham turn up in supporting roles) and paced direction spin a mystery that’s as much about the actual whodunit as it is…

  • Spice World

    Spice World


    Here’s the thing. If you look at this movie as the Spice Girls imploding the concept of the Spice Girls from the inside so that only people who don’t like the Spice Girls get the joke, this movie is FUCKING GENIUS.

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  • The Fly

    The Fly


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    33 Horror Movies. 33 Reviews. Hooptober Challenges.
    View my 2016 Cinema Shame/Hoop-Tober Watch Pile Shame-a-thon Statement here.

    Nature of Shame:
    Never seen THE FLY (1986). CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Jeff Goldblum. Cronenberg. Oozy goo. THE FLY!

    Hoop-tober Challenge Checklist:
    Decade - 1980's
    Original and Remake

    The Advance Word: OMFG LIKE THE BEST F'ING MOVIE EVER. I'm substituting hyperbole for an honest appraisal of my expectations here. I do so because I scanned the @Letterboxd reviews and that's pretty much what…

  • Beach Blanket Bingo

    Beach Blanket Bingo


    I had fun, but at what cost to my worldview?