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  • Nate and Hayes

    Nate and Hayes


    There is joy in watching Tommy Lee Jones act like Tommy Lee Jones, except as a pirate. The movie itself plays at times like Indiana Jones and proto-Pirates of the Caribbean. This movie lacks, most palpably, a memorable villain with any kind of screen presence. Watch for Tommy Lee Jones (who actually doesn’t seem all that interested in being here) and merely abide the rest, including impossible character development, lackluster casting and a general disaste for narrative connectivity.

  • Obsessions



    Ripped from Hitchcock's loins, this Dutch-produced, English-language thriller, co-written by Martin Scorcese (really!) proves marginally effective at building tension and creating a final shock volley. If Hitchcock were more leering and lascivious or if De Palma forgot anything about nuance, you might get Pim De La Parra's OBSESSIONS.

    Still, it moves along at a steady clip and its low-budget and mid-talent production value entertains like Euro-trash with loftier aspirations of which it was just not capable.

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  • Only the Strong

    Only the Strong


    I’m on a Dacascos kick right now. If he’s got any home videos he’d like to share with me I’m in because it appears I’ve begun scraping the bottom of the barrel. Interesting introduction to the Brazilian martial art technique capoeira, nonetheless. And Dacascos is always game for a gratuitous flip or spin. Watch this for the pure athleticism on display rather than any of the DANGEROUS MINDS with Brazilian kung fu narrative.

  • The Fly

    The Fly


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    Never seen THE FLY (1986). CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Jeff Goldblum. Cronenberg. Oozy goo. THE FLY!

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    The Advance Word: OMFG LIKE THE BEST F'ING MOVIE EVER. I'm substituting hyperbole for an honest appraisal of my expectations here. I do so because I scanned the @Letterboxd reviews and that's pretty much what…