Hot to Trot ★★★

One of the more minor issues I never noticed about this movie when I watched it rather frequently in 1988-1990ish... no part of this movie makes sense. Let’s talk about this for a moment. 

Idiot son Bobcat Goldthwait inherits half a brokerage and a talking horse much to the dismay of stepfather Dabney Coleman.  Talking horse gives idiot son stock tips, gets rich. Horse tells idiot son to buy stock in oat company. (Oats? Really?) Oats contaminated, company goes bankrupt. Idiot son abandons half of brokerage. In order to get back in the red, decides to race talking horse. WHAT DOES HORSE RACING HAVE TO DO WITH THIS? Then he bets his horse against Dabney Coleman’s horse and all his other horses. So. Even if he wins the race what does he have?! Not money. Not brokerage. He has more horses. WHAT SENSE DOES ANY OF THIS MAKE?!? Virginia Madsen is Bobcat’s love interest. That makes as much sense as anything else. 

Screw it. I still enjoy Bobcat as a leading actor or something whatever he’s doing here. Bored John Candy as the voice of Don the horse. Burgess Meredith as the voice of Don’s dad + awkward Rocky references. WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE AND HOW DID THIS SEEM SO RIGHT IN 1988? I SAW THIS MOVIE IN THE THEATER! It’s Francis the Talking Mule meets THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS meets A DAY AT THE RACES with Bobcat Goldthwait. A completely natural film cocktail. 

Screw it. I need a different ratings scale for his kind of entertainment. Three stars.