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Is it okay to like Tom Cruise again? I never jumped off the Cruisewagon, myself, but I'm just gauging the market. I don't want to be too hip. Tom Cruise knows how to make an action movie. Though he's still an actor an under the strictest of safety protocols, he puts himself through the grinder for these M:I films. When has a series ever peaked with the 4th installment? (Rhetorical question. I don't need you hooligans chiming in with something maniacal like CRITTERS 4.)

Cruise is our last OMFG MOVIE STAR on the planet. He's somehow survived the social media ringer to come out on the other side. This side of kicking puppies or punching small children, I've got to believe he's smear proof at this point, right?

Anyway, about the movie. Four amazing action set pieces comprise the bulk of M:I - RN. The rest is about getting our characters into position for these sequences. Nothing in this one rivals the tower sequence in M:I - GP, but that's like saying there's nothing out there in breakfast world to rival bacon.

The most revelatory aspect of ROGUE NATION is Rebecca Ferguson. For someone who's biggest credit is playing Queen Elizabeth, this girl kicks some serious ass (or looks really good doing it... I can't really tell which. Does it matter? I didn't think so.) Cruise, Renner, Pegg and Rhames do exactly what is expected of Cruise, Renner, Pegg and Rhames. This is what we want. But we also want to be shocked and surprised. We want a talking point... and for this flick that's the opening stunt with Tom Cruise hanging off the side of the airplane (no offensive CGI) and Rebecca Ferguson.