Hooptober 5.0 Your Vice is a Shame-a-thon and Only I Have the Key

Hooptober 5.0 Rules and Regulations

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I will rate and review all of the following horror films on my website 30Hz Rumble.

I always have a healthy stable of unwatched horror films at my disposal because I end up buying all year and awaiting my September/October binge. It's not a healthy moviewatching model but it works. I always try to include as many first-time watches as possible, but old favorites always find a way into the mix. Others get pushed back to next year. I'm pretty sure I've had Medousa (1998) on every list for the last three years. So that's just my caveat to suggest that substitutions will happen.…

There are no music films in this list released in the 2010s.