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  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman


    Too bad Diana didn’t invite Etta Candy to join the expedition and perk up that weary boy’s club with her starchy giggles and do-it-all skill set. Diana is the rare superhero who inspires as well as incapacitates, and I wanted to see Etta swell with personal pride and stake her claim as a Wonder Woman, too. She should have been the first to rush after Diana into the fray at No Man’s Land, tossing back one of her namesake boiled…

  • Beetlejuice



    I think Barbara and Adam are my favorite movie marrieds--our notions of ideal coupledom seem perfectly aligned.

    More thoughts here.

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  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns


    Note to future self: do not attempt to watch this movie during a family gathering in a white-walled room with afternoon sunshine blazing through naked windows. This is more harmful to Gotham than any supervillain.