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  • Grace Quigley

    Grace Quigley

    I wish Hepburn & Nolte had done more than this.

  • Nothing But the Tooth

    Nothing But the Tooth

    Screened this in the cinema on Tuesday afternoon as part of my regular "Should I show this before xxx screening? I should probabky make sure it ain't racist first" routine. 
    This one will not be screened publicly.

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  • Napoleon



    Even if Abel Gance had abandoned his 6 hour epic about Napoleon Bonaparte after the initial snowball fight sequence featuring Napoleon as a young boy, it would still stand as the greatest one-reeler ever made. Absolutely magnificent, pure cinema.

  • The Trial

    The Trial


    CHCH broadcast what appeared to be a VHS dub downscaled to pixelated MPEG but I watched it anyways cause this is living, kids