The Guilty

The Guilty ★★★

Went into this one totally blind; I didn't even know this was a remake till after the fact, so I made it a double feature.

Firstly, I could watch Jaques Gillyhooly sling poop at a wall for an hour and a half and be impressed with his range, so if you're anything like me, his presence is worth the price of admission alone.

And that's pretty much all you get.

Gyllenhaal on a phone.

You might think that sounds boring, but it actually has a fair bit of tension baked in, and Jake takes what the nature of a dispatch job is to new levels...

Basically, he kicks the give-a-fuck-governor off this performance and fills the tank up with tiger piss... (which is interesting given how reserved the Danish version is), and I found myself wondering how Gyllenhaal's ‘Joe’ even has a job at all.

Now that's not to say this is an amazing movie; it's not.

Luckily, most of my complaints came from the production side of the thing, and was shocked to learn that the director of Training Day made this...

...But, as I said, this is a one-man show, and ol'GhillieBoy knocks outta the park.

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