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  • It's Such a Beautiful Day
  • The Worst Person in the World
  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
  • This Is Not a Film

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  • Crimes of the Future


  • Louis C.K.: Sorry

  • The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent


  • The Scent of Green Papaya

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  • Crimes of the Future

    Crimes of the Future


    In the 90s, Radiohead made "OK Computer", an almost cautionary album about an incoming new world, one that will be reshaped by technology, but their next album, the more atmospheric "Kid A", seem to signal that this new age already arrived, Kid A is the name of the first human clone born in this new world.
    "Crimes of the Future" has it's own version of "Kid A", and likewise is no longer cautionary, "Videodrome" ended with the announcement of the…

  • Louis C.K.: Sorry

    Louis C.K.: Sorry

    Way better than I expected

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  • It Must Be Heaven

    It Must Be Heaven


    Bong Jon Hoo: We all live under one big country ,called cApITaliSm (He actually said that)

    Letterboxd ,Cannes and the Oscars: OH MY GOD I'M GONNA CUM! PARASITE IS THE BEST FILM OF ALL TIME!!!!

    Elia Suliman: All countries are turning into Palastine (This brings up interesting observations and comparisons between different countries)

    The rest of the world: Soooo... You are Jehadi Roy Andersonn?

  • You Will Die at Twenty

    You Will Die at Twenty


    قبل الفيلم انا كنت علي وشك العياط (لأسباب شخصية كنت كاتبها في الريفيو دا امبارح ومسحتها) ،كاتم دموعي بالعافية وكنت حاسس انها هتبقي اول مرة انهار اعيط من شهور
    ولكن "ستموت في العشرين" انقذني ،ولمسني ،وكلمني مباشرة ،فكرني وخلاني افكر في كل الحاجات دي بشكل مباشر وفي النفس خلاني اهرب منها لعالم مختلف. وفكرني ليه انا مش عايز ابقي دكتور وعايز ابقي مخرج. فكرني بقوة وجمال السنيما وفكرني اني لسه اقدر.
    كان فيه س و ج بعد الفيلم ،كذا حد طلع اتكلم عن قد ايه الفيلم لمسه بشكل شخصي وشاف فيه حاجة اول مرة يشوفها عالشاشة الكبيرة
    شكراً امجد ابو العلا ،مش هنسي ليك الجميل دا