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  • Cocktail


    Scavenger hunt #39 - Task 19: June 19 is National Martini Day. Watch a James Bond film or a film where a main character is a bartender - 16/30 (Sailordanae's list)

    I probably should have watched a James Bond instead. I really didn't get the message behind Cocktail: Have safe sex? Don't trust women? Rich people are either sad or complete assholes? There are only white people in Jamaica? I don't think the movie knew what it was doing either.…

  • About Time

    About Time


    About Time downplays the romcom elements in favour of a more general definition of love. Sweet, sentimental with just about the right amount of comedy, perfect cure for a Sunday hangover. 

    Favorite character: Uncle D.

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  • Amadeus



    Scavenger hunt #39 Task 15 : A film that features a director and actor who have collaborated on at least 4 films together. - 12/30 (Sailordanae's list)

    A masterpiece by many aspects, Amadeus deserves all the praise it gets. I was especially impressed by costume design and the attention paid to details and fashion.
    By the way, if this movie doesn't get you into opera and classical music, nothing will.

    Favorite character: Stanzi

  • Life of Pi

    Life of Pi


    Scavenger hunt #39 - Task 11: A film where a character has an unusual pet - 14/30 (Sailordanae's list)

    I so not wanted to like this movie. Cast Away meets The Jungle Book meets whatever deep philosophical concept Ang Lee wants to stuff down my throat? No. Thanks.

    And yet, as soon as the credits ended, I sent messages to my two best friends, urging them to see Life of Pi if they hadn't already (and they hadn't). The amazing,…