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  • Mauvais Sang

    Mauvais Sang

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    My favourite entries on Letterboxd tend to be the ones that engage with the content of the movie, that talk about the specifics of event and character and, explicitly, how they support the message or theme, perhaps combining this with expert knowledge about the canon or the filmmakers concerned. Respect to the many insightful people I follow who do this and more. But that's not me.

    I'll always give the time of day to movies that have a good heart…

  • La Pointe-Courte

    La Pointe-Courte

    There are a lot of film-makers I love for their work. Agnes Varda, who died a few days ago, is one. She is also one of very few whom I love for her personality, for her self, for the way she lived her life — all of which shine through in her work. She inspires me to be more curious about people, and compassionate. I admire her so much. I was very moved by her death.

    I've been wanting to…

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  • The Guardians

    The Guardians

    There's something almost ecstatic in contemplating the minutia of working the land and the steady rolling of the seasons.

    Life goes on.

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    "now this is a seriously classy movie, really exquisitely unhurried and restrained, really exquisitely shot. in form, it is a convincing recreation of the life and texture of farm life in WWI times, mostly focusing on what is rather than what happens. so there are long slow shots with long stately camera moves, each separate from…

  • Sapphire


    This #HydeParkPick for Black History Month is a cop procedural, directed unshowily and efficiently, with some ropy acting and an attention-grabbing but primitive score.

    Moderately entertaining on that level, it's fascinating as a portrait of race relations in 1959 London. Racism was more open in those days! The movie does contain some offensive racial stereotypes but, like its protagonist (Nigel Patrick), it's trying hard to be nuanced and fair, while still offering sensationalist thrills. Quite a balancing act.

    Apart from…

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  • High-Rise



    Another near-masterpiece from Wheatley, perhaps my favourite UK filmmaker working today, and another entry in the subgenre of dystopic tower block fantasies along with Shivers, Dredd, The Raid, and (I guess) The Towering Inferno. It's an inherently dramatic setting: the tower's monstrous size, the claustrophobic spaces within, the vertical structure providing an obvious metaphor for society or the Freudian psyche. In this one, our hero and the architect also explicitly discuss the block as a metaphor for the body -…

  • Rebecca


    style, grace, beauty. sweet editing. decent soundtrack. but really, what's the point. very much the second class mrs de winter. wheatley, man, what happened? where's your edge? whence this merchant ivory nonsense?