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  • La Pointe-Courte

    La Pointe-Courte

    There are a lot of film-makers I love for their work. Agnes Varda, who died a few days ago, is one. She is also one of very few whom I love for her personality, for her self, for the way she lived her life — all of which shine through in her work. She inspires me to be more curious about people, and compassionate. I admire her so much. I was very moved by her death.

    I've been wanting to…

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  • The Day Shall Come

    The Day Shall Come

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Well-meaning but not-all-there leader of sweet ragbag outsiders gets caught up in the machinations and idiocy of government security services, whose members are too interested in their careers to care how much harm they cause to those they are supposed to be serving, and too busy scoring points off each other to have any hope of cooperating effectively. The results are farcical, very funny, and very serious. But it lacks the edge of Four Lions. The soundtrack emphasises the oppressive…

  • Ludo Is Fantastic

    Ludo Is Fantastic

    Ludo Mich is an inspiring figure, with his child-like lack of self-consciousness, his no-holds-barred approach to performance, and his constant extravagant laughter. There's some nice clips of his performances, ancient and modern, and fun bits from old movies he made in the let-it-all-hang-out 60s, and I like the screamy thrashy music. But a lot of the documentary consists of talking heads telling us how great he is, and lots of following Ludo around as he does nothing very interesting, and it got old. I didn't stay for all of it.

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  • High-Rise



    Another near-masterpiece from Wheatley, perhaps my favourite UK filmmaker working today, and another entry in the subgenre of dystopic tower block fantasies along with Shivers, Dredd, The Raid, and (I guess) The Towering Inferno. It's an inherently dramatic setting: the tower's monstrous size, the claustrophobic spaces within, the vertical structure providing an obvious metaphor for society or the Freudian psyche. In this one, our hero and the architect also explicitly discuss the block as a metaphor for the body -…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Lanthimos abandons the weird wave which may be played out by now anyway and gives us something where people talk like people normally talk in movies, and it is wonderful. Visually intricate and jewel-like, musically rich and sweeping, it almost overpowers using nothing more or less than three women playing power games and some ravishingly-designed interiors, shot through a super-wide-angle lens, which come across more Kubrick than Kubrick.

    The Favourite is a period comedy, a good one, with anachronisms, killer…