Nope ★★★★★

cant get over how well structured this is… its a movie that knows its a movie and takes full advantage of its own medium rather than trying to squeeze a story formatted for a novel onto a screen. everything works together beautifully, there are so many instances of subtle foreshadowing and smart little callbacks; the story knows exactly where its going. the characters are interesting, likable, and despite the relatively short amt of time during which the audience gets to know them, surprisingly dimensional. the sound effects were absolutely chilling as was the atmosphere. the visuals were absolutely stunning… loved the horse imagery and tacky cowboy iconography!! so beautiful !!! aliens usually arent a creepy subject to me as far as horror movies go but nope manages to pull off a certain eeriness that lacks the cheesy heavy handedness typically suited to this genre. its nuanced themes are not separate from the central story, nor are they shoehorned in for complexitys sake. there are so many genuinely haunting moments that stick with you long after the movie ends and i love that i just cant shake them! it genuinely tries to be creative with a trope that has long since been beaten near to death, but doesnt get so crazy that you feel its reaching for something and missing. also one of the first horror movies ive ever seen with almost airtight logic ?? its so easy for scifi/horror movies to get ahead of themselves and leave plothole pickers with endless fodder but i just really cant get over how impressed i am at how well thought out everything actually is. perfect intelligent filmmaking. i love it this was so much fun

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