V for Vendetta ½

Fake liberal, lefty garbage.

When "V" put Islam as a victim it blew it's liberalism;

Censored art? Censored thought? Punishment for sins? Homophobia? Islam isn't the victim of any of any of that!

Ask Rushdie, ask the Dutch cartoonists. You could ask Theo van Gogh but a Muslim murdered him for making A FILM!
Ask the 100's of homosexuals executed in Iran...Oh.
Ask the 100's of Pakistani blasphemy victims.

And how dare it list Muslims with Homosexuals as victims of religious oppression!

And what was that?
High brow film using 9/11 and 7/7 conspiracy theories as it's liberal backbone? It wasn't 'Religious Extremists' it was the Government!

It even had Homosexual actor Stephen Fry playing a character whose had to hide his homosexuality because of religious bias...yet the character owns a Quran for it's 'beautiful imagery'!! What? like Homosexuals being thrown from mountains & having walls pushed onto them!? That imagery?
Shame on you Fry.

The worst kind of cinematic hypocrisy!