Tenet ★★★★

Holy shit, I really liked this and I wasn't sure if I would. A problem I have with Nolan's other blockbuster movies, especially the Dark Knight trilogy, is that he tries to find a ground between realism and cartoonishness. With Tenet, he ditches the attempts at realism and just indulges in the cartoonishness. This is especially present in his dialogue, which I usually find clunky. Now, it has a newfound sense of self-awareness to its cheese. Not just that, Nolan's action directing has improved so much as well. He has also never been amazing at emotional exploration or character work, so he goes for the bare minimum and it's excellent because he can focus on what he's good at: high-concept ideas and visual splendor.

I really have to commend his practical talents when it comes to overlooking such expensive productions. With every film he makes, it becomes abundantly clear that there wasn't a single penny that went to waste. I'm also glad that Ludwig Goransson did the score for this instead of Hans Zimmer. I believe Zimmer has declined a bit as a composer, but also that Goransson just feels way more suited to Nolan's sensibilities than Zimmer ever did. As always, Hoyte van Hoytema's cinematography was incredible.

Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what to say in regards to flaws because everything that people hate about this movie are things that I liked. I'm glad that the characters aren't developed extensively even though I usually prefer films that focus on character over plot. I love how convoluted the story is. I adore how silly and nonsensical the writing is. I was hypnotized by the messy sound editing that completely drowned out the dialogue. It all adds up to an encapsulating, bombastic, sensory experience that I really enjoyed. The only real serious flaw I have with this movie is that it makes attempts to involve real-world issues into it's story, but Nolan just half-asses that because he wants to focus on the story concepts. Sometimes, the exposition can get a bit annoying too and some of the dialogue crosses the line of self-awareness and is just awful.

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