Deadwood: The Movie

Deadwood: The Movie

"The Hog of the Forsaken
well, he ain't like you and I
with bones always breakin'
an' no place to go an' lie
he sit in the bog so dark and wet
he got so much time
he ain't even worried yet"

So, I really held off on watching this. For years I was devastated that we only ever got 3 seasons of this show. When the movie finally seemed to be happening, I was so happy I'd get to see these characters again, but I could never bring myself to watch it. I just loved knowing there was always a little bit more with them out there waiting for me. Last year I even rewatched the whole show in preparation...and still didn't watch it.

Tonight my best bud (who I always watched and discussed the show with) finally decided to watch it. Fuck it, why wait. It's been a hard enough last year anyway.

Right from the first moment Calamity Jane ambles on screen, speaking that oh so distinctive vocabulary and diction I knew I was going to be destroyed. Sure enough, I found myself in tears at the credits, as Michael Hurley's creaky voice sings us away.

That they managed to cram a season's worth of story into this without it ever feeling over stuffed is a testament to how lived in these characters still are, how well Milch knows this town by now. Some of our favorites only get a few moments (glad we got one last EB monologue about how no one gives him enough credit, a few last Johnny and Dan quips, a couple last meetings between Wu and Al) but it feels so good to have the show back, to be recognizably itself again. There's a bit more action than I expected (often very satisfying), and I was especially pleased to see that they didn't forget that one of the best parts of Deadwood is how sweet it often was giving us a lot of warmth (Jane and Joanie are incredible in this).

I will forever be devastated that this is all I'll get with these characters, and forever be grateful that we got this much.