Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★★

Maybe it's just because Modern Love played so much but I left the theater grinning. This might be my favorite Baumbach since Kicking & Screaming. I like him much more when he's not letting his characters get away with shit but also not letting them be the worst examples of humanity or so completely and utterly incapable of moving on at all. The portrait here is of someone who is stuck, is in a rut, isn't a grown up, but is also capable of expressing something beautiful, of someday getting their shit somewhat together. Also, as always, it's great to have a depiction of female friendship on screen.

Even at the most cringeworthy moments, I never really felt like I was laughing at Frances. More like I was laughing with her in a "Jesus, i've totally been right there." way. I always wanted to just give her a hug and be her buddy. This is a testament to the writing and to Gerwig's easy charm. She has just an immediately engaging smile, even when she's being awkward as shit.

Don't let his satire and awkwardness fool you, Baumbach is obviously a swooning romantic.

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