For a bit there I thought that Bong's style was a little restrained and that it didn't quite feel like one of his films.

Welp, I was wrong as shit. This is a sci-fi actioner, yeah, but it continues his love of taking a genre pic and making it really, really, weird. His black humor and love of absurdity/deadpan is all over this and though his visual style is a little more restrained for much of the time it still pops up. The action scenes themselves are visceral and fun while also usually advancing the story or character work at the same time.

The acting is great as well, everyone commits to their various roles and whatever is required of them (which sometimes requires some gleefully over the top and oddball readings).

That ending is killer as well. He really knows how to punch you with a few choice final shots.

I look forward to seeing this again on the big screen.

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