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  • The Grand Budapest Hotel

    The Grand Budapest Hotel


    i hate when movies end. that might be the thing i hate about watching movies. especially the ones i get into?? ? like with tv shows its easy cos even though the episodes are short, theres usually at least 2seasons or something. anyway i wish this was longer. i really liked everything about this. what a masterpiece. and So fucking pleasing to look at. made me want to draw

  • Breathe



    oh fuck off i just finished this. apparently its not a cute gay movie??? ? but it was still good i cant stop thinking about it. i had like 5927different moods while watching this. but that ending was unexpected what the fuck. sarah didnt deserve this. but she actually Was the worst person ever which made me mad cos. charlie loved her so much
    anyways. . . ilove girls and all the gays thats it