Creepshow ★★★½

Since this is an anthology of stories, it's only fair to rate them individually from best to worst.

5th story: this one made my fucking skin crawl. i hate, hate HATE bugs, especially cockroaches. The way they increased slowly in numbers raised the tension dramatically. I thought it couldn't get any worse and then they burst out of his body. WHAT. THE FUCK. I also liked the insect-workers parallel. Great music and good performance.

3rd story: Predictable, but good. Nice dark comedy. Leslie Nielsen is great here.

4th story: Good but goes on far too long, and some of the acting by the main character is off.

1st story: All the scary moments come in the last 3 minutes of the story. Those moments are decent enough to land this slightly above last, which is

2nd story: Who approved this one? It reeks of a bad, bad, bad B-movie. No redeeming qualities, not scary, and it feels pretty offensive as its main hero is a stereotype of the inbred mentally challenged person. Kind of fun seeing Stephen King acting, even if he is just reprising his role as the retard from The Stand. (down to M-O-O-N spells "homage").

On average, I'd give this probably a 7. If you cut the first two parts,
(like I will on re-watches) bump that up to an 8. I like the concept and I enjoyed seeing the 2D-3D transition.