Inferno ★★★★½

So, quick little aside before talking about Inferno. I cracked my glasses last week and had to get a new pair, which is fine, because after 3 years, it was time. I picked up my new pair today and it was like "Oh wow, the world is bright and new again!" 

Ok, so that being said, the first movie I watched with my new pair of glasses was Inferno. This was not a conscious choice, but it turned out to be a great idea! This definitely rivals Suspiria for me in terms of visuals. Reds and blues everywhere and I loved it! From the early sequence with Irene Miracle in the underwater room to the bonkers ending, there were crazy moments and fantastic shots everywhere throughout the film. My only complaint was that the film kind of slows to a crawl around the hour mark and it kills the momentum. But as i said before, the last 15-20 minutes is wild and brings it all home. Another gem from Argento!

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