Satanic Panic ★★★½

A down on her luck pizza delivery girl ends up making a delivery to a group of wealthy satanists looking for a virgin sacrifice, and she happens to fit the bill. 

You know, that old standard tale haha. 

Seriously though, this horror-comedy is a blast. It definitely leans heavier into the comedy side of things, but it also doesn’t skimp on the gore and there are some pretty fun and gnarly practical effects. This should be a star making turn for Hayley Griffith, who plays the pizza delivering heroine, Sam. There are also fun turns from Rebecca Romijn as the head of the satanists and Jerry O’Connell as her douchey husband (who is really only in one scene, but he definitely steals that one.)

I know everyone is seeing It: Chapter 2 this weekend, but I hope people will check this one out on demand. It’s a light and breezy 90 minutes that’s well worth your time.

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